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No compromise with our customers health.


All our products are fresh & organically grown.


Appetizing sukuti, you just can’t stop at one.

How it’s made

We take our meats seriously

Sukuti, also known as dry meat is a type of preserved meat that has been sliced into desired pieces and dehydrated to remove the majority of its moisture content.

This preservation method has been used for centuries by various cultures around the world, as it allows meat to be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration.

Today, sukuti is enjoyed as a high-protein, portable snack.

We at Rango Sukuti, use buff meat to make the magical recipe to match your taste buds.
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Behind the scene

  • Choosing the quality

    Step 1: Preparation

    Choosing the quality !

    Firstly, we find the high quality buffalo meat. The meat is then cleaned and sliced into equal bite-size pieces. Cutting the meat in just the right size will help the meat to dry and preserve evenly.

  • Choosing the quality

    Step 2: Drying

    Let the fire do its work !

    The meats are then placed on a stack of drying racks on top of a low heat wood-fire. This gives the meat its smokey aroma and adds flavor to it. The meat is left to dry until its perfectly stiff and chewy.

  • Choosing the quality

    Step 3: Packaging

    Ready to be on your plate !

    Once the meat batch is dry evenly, they are stored in airtight containers to prevent reabsorption of moisture. These containers are then shifted to Rango’s warehouse before getting delivered to you.

Rango produces fresh dry meat everyday

Rango prepares numerous batch of Sukuti everyday to bring them on your plate ready to be eaten.
Crunch it like a snack, mix it up with some other cuisine or invent a whole new delicacy with our
Rango Buff Sukuti.